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Project Center

Project Coordination, Implementation and Research Center was established in June 2010 with the purpose of executing of Life Long Learning (Leonardo da Vinci,Gruntvig,Comenius), Youth Programmes  and 7.Framework Programmes which are executed and managed by DPT- Center for European Union  Education and Youth Programmes – Turkish National Agency (www.ua.gov.tr). The Bidding for international technical support is also executed by project center.  It gives consultation and coordination services in collaboration with the academic and administrative departments of the university and executes  the activities like pre- interview for mutual  agreements with the represantatives from EU members and non-member countries. In addition, it also provides respresentation of the university in the national /  international meetings related to these programmes.

Departure Point of the Project Center 

The aim of Project Center is to increase the utilization rate of national/international  funds of Gazi University , to enhance the quality and number of the scientific and social projects, to provide the consultation about the project regarding the  public and private sectors,  to facilitate the accessibility of the grant resources for the instructor and to provide  the coordination  of the projects carried out within the university.

Beside the Scientific Research Projects, it  is really important to make projects  of EU IPA,  National Agency, FP7. ,Ministry of Development, TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council  of Turkey), SANTEZ, Agencies of Development and other projects prepared  by  the instructors for the collaboration between the university and non-governmental organizations and for  the university – industry cooperation. Thanks to these projects above, it is provided for both the budget the scientific studies at university and the new ideas that are brought into economy in a concrete way and with a cheaper financing. Gazi University is able to supply the equipment, laboratories, computer and consumable material from these big projects and also academic activities (workshop, seminar, conference), vocational education and foreign language courses that are aimed at increasing the capacity will be partially supported with these projects.

Project Center  provides  the availability of the project products more easily in the scientific and social studies  by activating the use of the resources and accounting of the projects. It will increase the international mobility of the university, the number of publication and  change the academic  viewpoint of the instructors with these projects.  The realization most of the project with a foreign partner will provide   the increasing of the abroad experience of   instructors. The custom of project- based thinking and  designing/projecting   of academic works will be  developed by that way.  Besides increasing of the quality of national and international projects, Project Center will also  provide  to our university to take part in more projects by  multiplier effect.

Within the mobility in projects, students will be able to get opportunity to go abroad, to develop their foreign languages and to have a chance the employment opportunities by working in the projects as well as the instructors that benefit from the Project Center. With the laboratory, equipments and the modules developed in the projects, they will get able to achieve a more quality in learning environment.  When all these activities are realized, there will not be a financial burden for the university.

In addition to  all of that, Project Coordination Implementation and Research is needed  to keep  all the  project agreements, projects outputs,  tender documents, interim and final reports  for  the  inspection that will be held in  future years ,  to ensure  compliance with  the expenditures documents and to avoid the loss of University’s funding  from such expense  items as  insurance Premium, amortization, income tax.

In this regard, the objectives of Project Center are as follows :

  • to announce National and international Call for proposals to all relevant academics and units

  • to provide communication and coordination between people or  groups who  prepared /will prepare the project

  • to enable the effective and the  proper use  of project resources

  • to take part in scientific, vocational and educatory works, to give  consultation  and information service

  • to  monitor project management processes

  • to support  career planning and academic development

  • to enhance relations in the frame of regional, national and  international to support the collaboration university-industry  and to accelerate the transmission  of  applicable results to industry

  • to execute  the academic and scientific activities of university with project  consciousness

  • to apply for  bid technical support of the national and international project and programs, to prepare bid documents

  • to increase social and scientific  projects activities from the point of  quality and quantity

The activities of Project Center to achieve these objectives are as follows :

  • Education, consultation and publishing activities

  • to encourage the instructors about project  writing

  • to  support instructors on technical issues concerning project preparing and implementation stage.

  • to organize seminar and information meetings   in departments about project management

  • to collaborate and to make common working  with the Continuing Education Center of Gazi University and the other units.

  • to collaborate with the national and international institutions about project writing and management, to encourage and organize the  common working, to arrange congress and scientific meetings and publish of them , to  coordinate  promotional activities

  • to offer consultation service  for the  public and  private sectors

  • to publish articles with regard to subject  in the end of research and implementation studies

  • by evaluating the requests and suggestions  of industrial  enterprises , to bring  the new work items   into question and to promote  academicians to prepare projects in this context.

 Project Management

  • to make  pre-evaluation (administrative control)  of the projects submitted by the name of Gazi University,

  • to send back  project applications  that are not prepared  properly to  relevant units, institutions and instructors   to  correct them .

  • to initiate national and international projects, to monitor application, reporting and termination of projects.

  • to ensure the realization of expenditures  according to the  administrative and financial rules announced  by the contract authority and  to the  grant agreement.

  • to provide  necessary resources ( personal, subcontracting, purchasing, invoice tracking, graduate student, etc.),  project revision management,  to execute the effective  use  of the agreement and  budget according to project partners and project  planning

  • to ensure   proper and effective  use of the project resources

  • to provide accessibility of the project outputs.

  • to evaluate the proposals to take part as a partner or coordinator at the national and international projects or  bid technical support  and to submit a report  to Rector about decision

  • to take part in biddings for  technical support, service procurement, consultation of the project  or programs; in case of winning , to carry out implementations indicated in the technical bulletin

  • to organize national and international  project markets

Other activities

  • to create data base related to projects executed  at Gazi University and  regarding workspaces and interests  of in structors.

  • to keep  all  archive information in data base and by publishing  these information and projects products on the webpage of Projects Coordination Implementation and Research Center and  to ensure that  interested people are  able to get  it.

  • to get and  keep  all kinds of expenditure documents related to projects , interim and final reports , agreements, copies and originals  outputs of projects  for use  in national and international inspections.

  • to publish “activity reports” periodically related to activities performed.

  • to enhance the information concerning  research areas, to support researchers who will go to abroad for  a  short-time to participate to the  international meetings, to give a chance  people  who will come from abroad for  this purpose, to reward  successful efforts at the international level, to execute  monitoring visit to national and international projects.

  • to carry out other tasks assigned by Gazi University